We provide advice and implementation services that combine our business and IT expertise





Systems Integration

Bridge has extensive experience and strong capabilities in a team that has delivered successful integration of systems and technologies into our clients businesses.

Our core capabilities include Solution Architecture and business/ technical analysis. These capabilities coupled with our industry experience in financial services provide us with a unique Systems Integration proposition.

Solution Architecture

With today's business environment of consolidation within industry, product rationalisation, regulatory change and cost focus, solution architectures are constantly being reviewed to align to new business requirements. It is important to ensure your business is supported by experienced and skilled practitioners.

We've designed and implemented solutions that cover a broad range of business domains including: Front and Middle Office Transacting and Servicing for Investment Management, CRM and BPM solutions, Master Data Management, Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions.

Solution architecture is more than creating a diagram for consumption. Stakeholder engagement, facilitating and driving the outcome across your business are capabilities ingrained in Bridge consultants. We take a pragmatic approach to complexity in order to deliver the desired outcome.

Package Implementation

We have extensive experience in managing the implementation of specialised package solutions which cater to Wealth Management and Investment Management. We have supported clients through the entire process of solution selection, sourcing and the implementation of the selected solution. We leverage our industry knowledge and business,technical and project delivery capabilities to help our clients successfully implement new solutions.

Business and Technical Analysis

A key success criteria to a systems integration exercise is not only that the systems integrate, but is the data (flowing between systems) of a high enough quality to be of use to you. Our consultants have developed robust process to profile your data which helps you to understand early on if there will be problems with poor quality data. After numerous successful engagements our consultants have gained a unique understanding of the data and its context. Our team's knowledge of financial services data and their excellent grounding in principles of business/ technical analysis provide outstanding results for our clients.

Click here to download a copy of Bridge's Systems Integration capability statement.