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Data & Analytics

At Bridge we believe that Information Management is a fundamental strategic discipline of every business. We see information management as the people, processes and systems, which underpin the creation and use of information within an organisation. Bridge’s approach to Information Management is borne from over 70 years of collective experience. We have a passion for making data useful to the business by converting it into insights that drive actions.

Bridge provides the following services in information:

Information Strategy

An information strategy supports your business goals, outlines how you create, manage and describe your data, and requires a mix of people, process and technology.

Our tried and proven 7 step methodology for developing an information strategy has provided our clients with a robust Information Management framework.

Data Integration

Data integration involves combining data residing in different sources to provide a unified view for your business.  Our data integration reference architecture has delivered our clients a robust framework to manage the movement of data from source to target with embedded data quality measurement and management capability. It has been adapted to support market leading integration platforms.

Master Data Management (MDM)

MDM is a solution to provide an accurate and authoritative source for reference data in an organisation (e.g. Customer or Product). Our consultants have implemented multiple MDM solutions that have assisted our clients in creating a single source of truth for their master data. 

Business Intelligence

Measuring your business’ performance, understanding “what has happened” or “what is happening” is crucial to making better business decisions in today’s competitive environment. Our clients have used our Business Intelligence reference architecture as an accelerator. We provided our clients with the capability to make better business decisions based on facts derived from their own data.


Discovery & Learning: “Why did it happen?”, “What is going to happen next?” The answers to these questions help to differentiate you from your competitor and thereby create competitive advantage in your market.  Our consultants have delivered strategies and architectures for analytics solutions that have assisted our clients to gain key insights to guide strategic thinking and decision-making.


Click here to download a copy of Bridge's Information Management capability statement.