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Operational and IT Consequences of Performance Reporting

The benefits of performance and attribution (P&A) reporting are well documented. What is less understood, are the operational and Information Technology (‘IT’) challenges that arise as P&A reporting becomes more sophisticated.

How robust is your privacy policy? You are about to find out.

A client’s off-the-cuff comment about “complying with some legal stuff” has seen me researching some very important privacy legislation that becomes law next month. This legislation will become law on March 12th and thus far, despite the potential impact, both at an individual and organisational level there has been very little fanfare or information released.

OTC reforms - the end of the OTC market for local investment managers?

The global OTC reforms have been well published and there is a high level of industry awareness of the requirements and operational implications. However, the impacts are yet to be fully identified and could have material consequences on the use of these instruments. In the extreme the reforms could spell the end of the OTC market for many managers.

Time to Deal with Unprofitable Investment Products

Supporting unprofitable investment products not only costs our industry money but also exposes firms and investors to unnecessary risk. It is time for the industry and regulators to tackle this problem together.

APRA Super Reporting – Turning Lemons into Lemonade

The new APRA reporting requirements present some serious challenges but we believe they offer opportunities for RSE’s as some of the key components of the requirements align to where the industry has been heading, particularly with respect to improved transparency and oversight over externally managed investments. 

Tips for successful Financial Services project delivery

The track record of project delivery (particularly IT related) in the financial services industry is poor with a high rate of failure. The majority of projects are either cancelled, cost more, take longer and/or don't deliver the expected benefits. Here are a few tips to help projects succeed.

Investment Managers vs Super Funds – 4 differences Custodians must consider

As Industry super funds gain scale through consolidation many have or are considering insourcing of investment management activities. Whilst the business case for insourcing may be clear, the operational implications can often be significant and represents both a threat and an opportunity to custodians servicing these funds.

Should Custodians offer Investment Order Management?

There are real opportunities for Custodians to provide value added services to clients that are both profitable to their bottom line and address significant issues within investment organisations. Trade order management services is one of them.

Living in a FIXed world?

The use of Financial Information Exchange (FIX) for electronic trading has been regarded as a necessary investment in most overseas markets but historically has had a low take-up by Australian investment managers.

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