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Bridge Debuts in BRW Fast Starters List

Bridge has been recognised for outstanding business growth in the 2015 BRW Fast Starters list.

The BRW Fast Starters list ranks Australia’s fastest growing public and private start-up businesses that have been operating for less than 4 years, and that have demonstrated audited financial growth year on year. Bridge debuted at #49.

Are Your Unit Pricing Issues a Symptom of an Underlying Cause?

When a patient experiences a fever, the usual practice is to try and find the underlying cause.  That is, the fever is treated as a symptom and an investigation conducted to find the illness causing the fever.

Applying this analogy to unit pricing, a unit pricing incident can often be a symptom of an underlying issue within an investment organisations operating model.  Unfortunately, the usual practice of firms is to address the direct issue, often ignoring the underlying problems that contribute to the unit pricing issue in the first place.

Bridge Turns Rescued Food Into Goodness

Last Friday the Bridge team cooked up a storm in the OzHarvest kitchen to deliver goodness to people in need.  

Taking part in the team building Cooking for a Cause event at food rescue charity OzHarvest, our budding chefs used rescued ingredients from Woolworths Online and herbs from the OzHarvest garden to produce Beef Ragout, Roast Pumpkin Salad, Burghul Salad, Falafel and Pita. 

Moving to Daily Unit Pricing - Is it the right way to go?

Over the past few years there has been a steady trajectory for Funds to move towards daily unit pricing. That is, to calculate the value of Fund assets on a daily basis and then to apply this to the 'price' of member applications and withdrawals.

A Review of the Australian Life Insurance Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

The Australian Life Insurance industry is facing a nexus of forces that threaten the long term performance of the industry, from policyholder behaviour to government intervention and regulation. To remain competitive businesses must gain deeper insight into their customer-base, increase the perception of relevance, and keep tighter oversight of claim and lapse behaviour. This article looks at some of these challenges and suggests increased access and quality of data can be used to overcome challenges and improve competitiveness.

Melbourne Cup 2014: Insights on the Race That Stops a Nation

It's that time of the year again, the first Tuesday in November. This year, the Bridge Data & Analytics team has swapped client data for racing statistics to come up with our top picks for the Melbourne Cup. It is our first year performing this analysis, so please go easy on us!

APRA Reporting; a missed opportunity?

The Australian Superannuation industry believes the costs involved in implementing the new APRA Reporting requirements as part of the Stronger Super Legislation cannot be justified. Furthermore, the task has been undertaken as a purely tactical data collection exercise and in no way has improved internal management of funds. 

Is Now The Time for Superannuation Funds to Think About Their Operating Models?

The level of change impacting Superannuation Funds is unprecedented.  Aside from the deliberate strategies to be more actively involved in the investment of their assets or to improve the quality of member engagement, increased regulatory scrutiny is forcing Funds to implement greater levels of governance. In addition, APRA is imposing more onerous requirements on reporting even when the supposed ‘benefits’ of this are, at best, unclear.

Moving to the Cloud: APRA’s Requirements are Simply Good Practice

Bridge has partnered with Mark Zanon,  specialist consultant who advises superannuation funds on meeting their obligations, to investigate the consequences to funds on moving IT to the Cloud. This is based on Mark’s experience in addressing APRA requirements and recent engagements completed by Bridge to assist funds in moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Improving investment capability? Don't forget data quality.

Investment management is progressively becoming more complex due to an increase in the volume of data, the proliferation of data sources, and the outsourcing of business and IT functions. This means that data management and data quality are becoming more and more important and with proper implementation can be a competitive advantage.

Investment Insourcing - Don't Forget Operations

The ‘insourcing’ of investment management by Superannuation Funds is a topic closely followed by many in the industry.  Much of the discussion has focused on the merits of this strategy from an investment performance perspective and the need to drive down investment related costs. However, dealing with the operational and IT issues associated with investment management can present significant challenges to Funds.

Agile – buzz word or business enabler?

At a recent Financial Service Industry conference a number of the speakers commented that their companies had “gone agile”, or implemented agile as their Project Management Methodology.  Since this conference a number of other clients and organisations in the industry have said similar things.

All that glitters is not gold - the importance of data quality on Digital projects

Within financial services there has been a shift away from the traditional focus on product to a customer centric focus. Digital business models and service channels play a critical role in this shift, enabling companies to better meet the needs of customers.

Super Funds Ask Hedge Fund Managers, Can We See the Real You?

Many large Super Funds are holding hedge funds more accountable on a number of fronts - most notably on costs. When it comes to how incentive fees get paid, more investors want hard hurdles to be reached over longer periods before giving up a taste of the upside. Further, regulatory pressure such as the Stronger Super reform is compelling Super Funds to gather information on the underlying composition of their investments.

Creating a compelling customer experience in the Super industry

A colleague and I recently co-presented at the Superannuation Fund Back Office Forum on creating a compelling Customer Service Experience in the Superannuation Industry. Here is a summary of our presentation.

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