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“Bridge has a deep understanding of our industry.”

Australia’s financial services sector contributed 10% of its GDP in 2010-2011, making it the country's largest industry.  As well as its size, the growth potential is staggering with the near $1 trillion in assets it manages today predicted to grow to more than $6 trillion by 2030.

The finance industry is undergoing constant change fuelled by changing regulations and a movement of Australia’s wealth from retail banking products to superannuation. There are also big changes in the way end customers interact with the industry, be it high net worth clients with increasing flexibility to invest across geographies or “mum and dad” investors who can chose between dealing with existing intermediaries or newer digital and mobile channels.

These changes bring complexity and opportunity.  Bridge has the deep industry knowledge necessary to enable organisations to understand the impact on their business of a constantly changing market, regulatory and technology environment.  Bridge can also work with your organisation to understand how to best position to leverage opportunities and capture market growth.